e=mc2 events | Leader of Tomorrow: Jocelyn Flanagan
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...think really far outside the box and get really creative.

— Leader of Tomorrow: Jocelyn Flanagan

Company: e=mc² event management inc. Incorporated: 2001

Growing up in school, being an entrepreneur is not one of the “careers” you learn much about think doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers but that’s exactly where Jocelyn Flanagan found her niche. “I have had very few jobs in my life that I didn’t create,” says Flanagan. “That wasn’t by conscious effort. I was just able to create jobs out of opportunities that I saw along the way.”

So many entrepreneurial stories start out this way, but then diverge greatly from there. Flanagan found her place in the event management business in 2001, catering to a well-travelled, long list of clients who expect her to “think really far outside the box and get really creative,” she says. As her company, e=mc² event management inc., celebrates its 10th anniversary this July, she clearly hasn’t lost her passion for the business. “Everyone should know that there are so many opportunities out there that allow you to create your own work by doing what you love to do,” says Flanagan.

She takes great pride in blazing new trails: she was the first event planner in Calgary to achieve the certified special event professional (CSEP) designation; the first company of its kind in Alberta to be awarded the Certificate of Recognition (COR) for health and safety; was one of the first instructors in the Mount Royal College event management certificate program; and strives to give back to the community at every step. She donates the equivalent of $40,000 annually in professional services to various charities and hopes to raise the bar for the entire sector. “It was always my goal to raise the service standards and to promote the professionalism of the industry,” says Flanagan.