e=mc2 events | 5 Health and Safety Tips While Onsite
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5 Health and Safety Tips While Onsite

It can be easy to forget to do these five health and safety practices when you are busy onsite. However, don’t forget to do these simple things to keep you and your team safe and sound! – Written by Afton Koutzun

1. Lift with your legs and engage your stomach muscles

There are so many little instances over the day where you need to pick up boxes, bins, furniture, etc. remember this tip to protect your back while building your abs!

2. Ask for help!

Your day is hectic and everyone needs everything from you NOW. We sometimes only ask for help when we need a hand lifting boxes, but you also need to mind your stress levels onsite. Remember, there is nothing wrong with taking the time to stop what you are doing, especially when you are getting overwhelmed, and ask for help.

3. Watch where you step – left, right, front, back (spacial awareness)

Each event has different moving parts and teams that move them; there is always an unexpected cord, box, or person that sneaks up while you talk to a client/guest/supplier. Be sure to look where you are going and double check your surroundings!

4. There is always time for a safety brief

Safety and emergency evacuation protocols matter, whether it is with your staff or suppliers, it is always worth the 5-10 minutes to keep safety top of mind for everyone! If an emergency situation occurs, knowing the protocols could prevent any accidents from occurring.

5. Stay hydrated

Whether you believe the old 8 glasses a day adage or not, you need to stay hydrated! You are doing way more walking, lifting, and stressing than you normally do and even if you aren’t visibly sweating you are losing hydration at a faster rate than normal. We don’t realize how much water our body needs until we are thirsty, don’t let yourself get to that point, drink throughout your work day!