e=mc2 events | Dinner by design in Calgary, Pop of Whizbang
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Dinner by Design 2017 – A Little Pop of Whizbang

Event: Dinner by Design 

Dates: June 1 & June 2, 2017

Location: Chinese Cultural Centre, Calgary, AB

At the recent Dinner by Design in Calgary we were invited to design an exclusive space for 10 guests alongside internationally celebrated and local interior designers…no pressure!

Lucky for us, building a cool environment in a day is what we do as event designers, we create spaces and experiences that often only last 4-6 hours.  We are able to create unique custom spaces that are essentially sandcastles, magic, awe-inspiring environments that are torn down after the photos are taken and the experience has been had.

In the course of this brief time with our guests we shift perceptions, create life long memories, raise funds, friends and eye-brows…and change lives.

For Dinner by Design we were excited to feature our design prowess alongside the other interior designers invited to showcase their work.  At e=mc2 events we bring visions and brands to life for our clients, this design was our brand brought to life in 240 square feet. Our objective was to create an immersive “e” inspired space through the memories of past designs, using as little customization as possible, re-using, re-purposing and re-loving items from past projects (and stuff from our friends)

Eliciting “play” in unexpected ways to create guest interaction and conversation was important!  We accomplished this via a white canvas featuring a tone on tone version of our brand on the table-top, surrounded the space with custom cut-out geometric panels and strategically lit it all with a little known pantone within our brand.

Playfully we repurposed 20,000+ ping-pong balls, formerly used in a hotel pool projection project, floating the guests above them and adding them to the overall table scape – indicating that ideas can be tactile and yet magically out of our reach.

The all-white table design and scattered elements subtly prove that a “centre piece” is not always needed, that we can play with our food and not everyone has to be equal. Featured as our POP of Whizbang, one seat and place setting created in our feature pantone colour, “e” green, provides disruption and conversation, begging the question “who will dare to sit there?”

And above all else, two light fixtures that symbolize ideas not used, crumpled up and hovering above, waiting to be used for the perfect client and their vision.

Our space was the punch of the unexpected and our guests had a “ball”!

Photo Credit: Module Creative Agency and Keri Miller

Thank you to our friends for helping us out!

Orange Frog Productions
Onewest Event Design
Tiffany Hollman
Special Event Rentals
Proshow Audio Visual