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Energy Disruptors 2018

Energy Disruptors 2018

Energy Disruptors Unite #ED2018

1500 TRAILBLAZERS                                  1 COLLISION HUB                                3 TEETER TOTTERS


Energy Disruptors Unite had a bold ambition for its first year: to accelerate pragmatic and profitable solutions to the world’s biggest energy challenges by igniting a global movement of game-changing energy technologies.

Over 1500 participants including over 200 VIPs united at The Big Four on Stampede Park to rally together to ignite a global movement.

Held over two days and touted as the most “unexpected conference ever” by attendees and sponsors alike Energy Disruptors Unite 2018 took over Twitter nationally on it’s first day.  This collaborative movement founded by three risk taking instigators included a curated line up of main stage speakers and panels, combined with disruptive conversations in breakouts and a energized networking space. The content proved heady for those in attendance with one blogger stating that he felt “wired and exhausted” after it was over. Featured speakers included Sir Richard Branson, Michael Liebreich, Susan Cain, Roz Savage and many more with the main stage hosted and moderated by the magnetic Holly Ransom.  A disruptive, analog stage design was reflected in massive spheres and a custom soundtrack, curated scents and expert programming created an experience like no other.

A creative networking “Collision Hub” hosted guests to innovative and strategically designed sponsor activations.  Designed to showcase sponsors particpation in the energy movement our team engaged with brands to customize how attendees would act and interact in their space – gone were the “booths” of traditional exhibitions!

Utility Sponsor Enmax wanted to be seen as a consistent and trusted partner in energy, a friendly face amongst the disruption. We created a space of play and comfort, a lounge where guests could recharge their technoloy while recharging themselves. Charging stations, a hammock hub, spa water and energy balls drew guests to interact within the brand.

EY desired to showcase their innovations while providing a space where one could cancel out the noise and discomfort of some of the content in a safe environment. Our team designed a space where guests used noise canceling headphones and relaxed and rested in bean bags and airfilled lounges, looking up and enjoying the main stage content in the safety of a “hug”.  The centre was filled with candy and demos of the brands innovations.

Attendees used their own energy to teeter and rock while being recharged and stimulated by Tesla, IBM, Shell, Enmax, EY and The Calgary Chamber.  Innovation and technology joined forces alongside comfort providing guests at #edu2018 an experience that mattered, to them.

Whizbang: Our featured entrance wall was a hit during the event.  A shareable, digital experience that was only made better by the brilliant addition of the fully autonomous Roborace car.