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Darla Friedt

Director, Business Development

Darla’s formula for success

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein


You will always know Darla is in the room by the sound of her infectious laugh (and will join in even if you don’t know what’s funny.) She is a self-professed “listener, laugher, dancer, doer” and the perfect fit for our “e” team.


Born and raised in Prince Albert, Sask., Darla completed her degrees at the University of Calgary and has called YYC her home for the past 33 years. (No math please). She came to “e” straight from the Calgary Stampede where she worked for eight years. Moving her way from Midway Coordinator to Event Coordinator and finally Sales Manager, her progression to Business Development here at “e” was the perfect next step.


Having been in the industry for a number of years, paths have crossed with “e” many times, as a client, partner or by attending events. Now that she is on the team, she couldn’t be happier! Darla loves the people and the process especially at the start of a project where she can help develop an understanding of the client’s goals and objectives and then see those come to life.


When she takes time away from developing business, she spends it with friends: heading out for a hike, a good brunch (bacon required) or to see a great band. And while she is most fun in the sun or sand, she will embrace the Alberta winters for a snowshoe or skate from time to time. But she most enjoys spending quality time with Lucy, the best dog in the world.

Places I’ve Worked



Cool Projects I’ve Worked On

Aga Khan’s Diamond Jubilee Tour

An Evening with Michelle Obama


Languages I Speak


Darla-ese (Few speak it. Fewer understand it.)


Industries I’ve Worked In




Things I’ve Learned & Earned

BA in Linguistics and BEd

A course or class in almost everything (jack of all trades-like): knitting, crocheting, sign-language, jewelry making, card making, floral design, wreath making, Spanish, dog training etc.. Have mastered none of the aforementioned.


Started with “e”

February 2019


Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure in all aspects of life.”