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Our national team of full-time staff has over 350 years of experience in the live event industry! That’s a lot of expertise and knowledge that you get to tap into when you partner with us.
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Meg Clenchy

Event Producer

Meg’s formula for success

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” – Walt Disney


Creativity, energy, purpose and heart. Meg thrives in environments that foster those four key points, and strives to incorporate them into each aspect of the event concept. Having worked in fashion, food & beverage, hospitality and tourism industries, Meg brings perspectives from many aspects of the guest experience. Stepping into someone else’s shoes is all a part of the day job – especially if they’re stilettos. She may be tall, but she’s not afraid to strap on a pair of heels when the outfit calls. 


Holding a diploma in Event Management, she graduated with distinction as an Honors Student at the Art Institute of Vancouver. Now, she’s part of the dynamic team at e=mc², where her heart belonged all along. As a curious and imaginative person, she’s excited about helping people create life-long memories, particularly if those memories involve brunch.

Places I’ve Worked

Canada: Calgary, Halifax, Tofino, Hamilton, Manitoba, Invermere, Vancouver

United States: Manhattan




Cool Projects I’ve Worked On

CARAS – 2015 JUNO Awards Gala – Click here for work

VGH UBC – NOTS 20th anniversary 

CP Rail – Rockabilly

UBC – SAE Campaign Conclusion


Industries Worked In






Event Management Diploma, Art Institute of Vancouver

ILEA Board Member (2016)

Certificate of Leadership, Art Institute of Vancouver

Recipient of the Merit Award for “Outstanding GPA in the Event Management Program”


Started with “e”


What better way to make a living than to be able to bring people together in creative, unique ways? I love that I can be a part of someone’s milestone.”