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Our national team of full time staff have over 350 years of experience in the live event industry! That’s a lot of expertise and knowledge that you get to tap into when you partner with us.
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Lisa Pitre

Accounting Supervisor

Lisa’s formula for success

“There’s no point in saying anything but the truth.” – Amy Winehouse


Lisa has the ability to bring zen-like calm and organization to our daily operations, and we credit it to her vast experience in accounting as well as her yoga teaching certification. Lisa has 13 years of government project cost accounting, five years in accounting and administrative work at a legal firm and three years in oil & gas in payroll. Finally, her accounting journey brought her to “e”, and she has been with us for a total of six and a half years.


Lisa controls our destiny by keeping our cash flow positive. She incorporates her yogic philosophy when projecting cash in-flows and out-flows, making sure to keep everything in alignment. She inspires us, and reminds us to make sure we are keeping our mental and physical wellness top of mind. She also administers our HSE program and new employee HSE orientations, manages all company insurance policies and procedures and handles legal matters. Lisa makes everything we do possible, and turns our creative chaos into something resembling order.

Places I’ve Worked

Canada: Montreal, Calgary


Languages I Speak

French (almost fluent!) and English


Industries I’ve Worked In

Federal Government

Oil & Gas


Things I’ve Learned and Earned

Book keeping certification

Yoga Certification


Started with “e”


Peace of mind happens when you know that the people you care about are happy.