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Our national team of full time staff have over 350 years of experience in the live event industry! That’s a lot of expertise and knowledge that you get to tap into when you partner with us.
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Marissa Schenn

Director, Business Development

Marissa’s formula for success

“Leave no shell unturned; no coral unexplored.”

– Sebastien, the Little Mermaid


Try not to smile when Marissa walks into a room – we dare you! For one, she probably didn’t casually walk in, and she definitely said something witty, hilarious, or both. Our Director of Business Development is quirky and full of passion in all areas of her life. Whether it’s being the key liaison in the “e” office, or keeping her ballet students on their toes, she’s infectiously charming.


Hailing from YYC’s rival city (that which shall not be named), Marissa earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology from Concordia University, played Uni soccer and picked up a little Spanish along the huevo. Before we snagged her, you would have found her as a Reserve Brand Manager in the beverage industry, tuned into a Tony Robbins podcast on repeat.


These days, she’s helping to make her clients dreams a reality, and keeping the whole “e” team uplifted. With an undeniable knack for creating joy, and a serious work ethic, we’re lucky to have her!

Places I’ve Worked





Cool Projects I’ve Worked On

Energy Disruptors

Girl Power Hour

SMART Technologies Global Go See Summit


Industries Worked In



Reserve Sales



Bachelor of Arts -English & Psychology; Concordia University

Instructor; Ballet Barre Works






Started with “e”


Business Development doesn’t have a start and finish line; rather continual touch points and a repeated commitment to our clients because well… we care! The best customers are repeat customers because that is indicative of a job well done!”