e=mc2 events | Arpi’s Industries Ltd. – 50th Anniversary
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About This Project

Arpi’s Industries Ltd. –  50th Anniversary

Awarded: Best Event Décor under $25,000 with OneWest Events Inc. by the Canadian Special Events Magazine Star Awards, 2014

Special recognition to Designing on the Edge for their collaborative work on this project


Arpi's First Address


Iconic 1962 Chevy Truck


Health & Safety Meetings

This wonderful family business asked us to produce an event for them that not only celebrated their 50 years in business, but honoured their family, their employees and their work.  Their tag-line “built to last” was a catalyst for our creative strategy and each ensuing touchpoint for our client and their guests. 

Arpi’s 50th Anniversary Celebration welcomed 750 clients, employees and their families into their fully operational plumbing and HVAC warehouse. Not without it’s logistical challenges we embraced all the opportunities and snags of the venue and created a reception space that employees felt comfortable in and guests were wowed by. We started by recreating the residential garage where the company first began and made this our entry point. Inside the warehouse we utilized industrial elements alongside a homestyle design which transformed the space. We successfully blurred the lines between work and home, co-worker and friend, and owner and family.


Guests enjoyed simple, home styled appetizers and cocktails in several living room style lounges.  Instead of hiding the equipment we chose to incorporate it into the event design.  Steel drum, pallets, shipping crates, workbenches, tools, parts, and old company artifacts were all used as props and to build custom pieces including a customized sheet metal vertical buffets (manufactured by Apri’s own tradesmen).


A Stomp-inspired flash mob and guitar solo captivated the audience for the employee recognition awards (including multiple 30+ year recipients!) that were presented on a unique warehouse “stage”. The recognition continued with past work accomplishments, such as construction of The Bow, shown through a unique x-ray perspective. We used video to give guests an “inside-out” view of Arpi’s workmanship, to proudly show the time, skill and care taken within the walls of every Arpi project. 

We brought tears to our client’s eyes when she saw the transformation that we and the team at Arpi’s had so passionately created in the warehouse a nod to their culture, their family and their product…all built to last. 


e=mc² events exceeded our expectations in regards to the planning and execution of our 50th Anniversary. Without the team's expertise, professionalism and creative flair the evening would not have been the great success that it was.

Julie Berdin – President 


Calgary, Alberta