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About This Project

Art Fusion Holiday


Oversized Dueling Artful Images


Opera Singer Vs. Beat Boxer Battle


New Art Connoisseurs After the event

For this holiday party, we were tasked with creating an “out of the box” reception style event in a massive space and design it to feel like two distinct spaces, no division, no drape lines…to feel like one big employee event.


The client had already hired the Duelling Pianos…so we built the event around them! Introducing Art Fusion Holiday. 

Art Fusion Holiday, a reception style corporate Christmas party that allowed guests to be mesmerized by duelling elements in art, entertainment, and design. The event design was inspired by the Duelling Pianos and we featured them front and centre in the space. From there we virtually divided the space by colour and artistic eras, Modern and Masters.

Upon entry, guests were invited to choose whether they wanted to experience the work of the Masters or a more Modern Gallery. The entrance included an oversized gallery that hid the main stage, creating a unique entrance experience.

When guests entered the Masters Gallery, they were immersed in a red luxurious glow with roses and candlelight found across the venue. Guests sat on old world throw rugs to complete the experience. The Modern Gallery was the exact mirror of the Masters. LED lighting created a cool, modern, and urban ambiance completed with a lip-shaped couch and Warhol style art. Living statues were found in both galleries, along with artists painting portraits of guests, in the respective art style, as they walked through.

Elevated seating areas were punctuated by oversized picture frames, allowing guests to be part of the gallery while the screens used for the corporate video were cleverly used as a duelling digital gallery throughout the evening.

The custom duelling entertainment piece that included a violin mash up and an incredible finale of a beat boxer and opera singer “Beatbox Opera”! 

Calgary, Alberta