e=mc2 events | What We Do
At e=mc2 events we do event Design and Production, Creative Strategy, Conference Services, Consulting Services, Registration Services, Health and Safety.
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What We Do For You


We design experiences for people and brands. Design. Production. Decor. Creativity. Collateral. Independently these are just words; the 'e' way gives them energy and magic.


We are a pivotal strategic extension of your marketing initiatives. We dig deep into you, your brand, your culture and your objectives to deliver your message and vision with whizbang!


A summit, a meeting, an AGM or a town hall...call them anything you like, just be sure to call us. At e=mc² events we see human to human gatherings uniquely for each client and purpose.


Not sure what we do or how we can help? Call, email or drop by. No strings attached! We offer a variety of consulting services that allow you to tap into our expertise and experience.


The guest experience starts at registration. We offer innovative and customized registration services with a human connection and seamless execution at your event or conference,


Protecting you, your guests and your reputation starts with a robust and certified safety plan. We lead the industry in practices that make your moments memorable in the right way.

award winners

International Live Events Association “Esprit” Awards

  • Best Event Entertainment Production: Budget $25,000-$75,000 USD, 2016
  • Best Event with a Legacy, 2015
  • Best Technical Production, 2015
  • Best Corporate Event over $150,000 USD, 2015
  • Best Entertainment Production: Budget Over $75,000 USD, 2013
  • Best Corporate Event Budget $75,000-$200,000 USD, 2011
  • Best Event for a Non-Profit Organization: Budget Over $200,000 USD, 2007
  • Best Event Design/Decor: Budget $25,000-$75,000 USD, 2007
  • Entertainment Production under $30,000 USD, 2006
  • Entertainment Production under $30,000 USD, 2004
  • Entertainment Production under $30,000 USD, 2003

Special Events Magazine Gala Awards 

  • 50 Top Event Companies, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Best Event Produced for a Private Individual, 2017
  • Best Event Produced in Multiple Locations, 2016
  • Best Event Produced for a Corporation or Association: Overall Budget Above $500,000, 2014 
  • Best Achievement in Technical Support, 2013
  • Best Event Staged in Multiple Locations, 2012
  • Best Décor: Total Décor Budget Under $20,000 USD, 2009
  • Best Event Produced for a Non-Profit Organization, 2008
  • Best Fundraising Event, 2007
  • Best Event Staged in Multiple Locations, 2007
  • Best Theatrical Entertainment Production, 2005
  • Best Theatrical Production, 2003

Canadian Event Industry Awards

  • Best Conference, 2019
  • Best Event for a Hight Profile Charity, 2019
  • Best Event Produced for a Non-Profit Organization, 2017
  • Spirit of the Industry Award for Jocelyn Flanagan, CSEP, 2015
  • Best Event Produced for a Corporation by a Third Party Planner, 2015
  • Event Professional of the Year for Keri Miller, CSEP, 2014
  • Best Audio Visual Design, 2014
  • Best Event Decor Under $25,000, 2014
  • Best Theme Décor Over $100,000, 2013
  • Outstanding Logistical Achievement, 2013
  • Best Theme Décor Over $40,000, 2012
  • Most Outstanding Event $100,000 to $300,000, 2012
  • Best Theme Décor Over $30,000, 2009
  • Best Corporate Team Building Event, 2008
  • Best Fundraising Event, 2007
  • Best Entertainment Production, 2005
  • Event Producer of the Year, 2004
  • Best Entertainment Production, 2004
  • Event Producer of the Year, 2003
  • Best Event for a Charitable Organization, 2002
  • Outstanding Logistical Achievement, 2002
  • Most Outstanding Event over $300,000, 2002

The BC Event Awards

  • Best Event Produced for a Charitable Organization, 2011

Annual Thompson Okanagan Tourism Industry Summit

  • Tourism Excellence Award for Innovative Marketing & Promotion, 2010

Western ISES Excellence Awards

  • Best Entertainment Production under $25,000, 2003

Avenue Magazine

  • Jocelyn Flanagan, CEO and President, Awarded the Top 40 Under 40

Business in Calgary Magazine

  • Jocelyn Flanagan, CEO and President, Awarded as 2011 Leader of Tomorrow