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Fascinating Lady

"Steadfast, Strategic and Sharp. She took her time building a foundation upon which she would create a rock solid business...

Wellness with “e” – Mental Health

It is well known that the role of an event and meeting professional can be stressful, especially during busy business and personal times like the holidays. ...

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ACAD – 2010 – President’s SMART Night

ACAD is home to artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and makers. It’s for people with big ideas, ingenuity, and unique perspectives. The President's ACAD Smart Night was a unique black-tie event in Calgary and was launched in 2007 as a vehicle to challenge ideas and stimulate dialogue...

5 Health and Safety Tips While Onsite

When working onsite it can be easy to forget to do these 5, but don't forget to do these simple things to will keep you and your team healthy and safe!...