e=mc2 events | RGO Office Products – 4.2
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About This Project

RGO 4.2 Office Products – 4th Location. 2nd Version


Post-It's Used


Custom Made Clouds


Chairs used in Archway

As they celebrated the newly renovated 50,000 Sq. Ft. RGO Office Furnishings showroom with employees, suppliers and clients our goal was to highlight the products featured throughout the space in an innovative and exciting way.

With so much to see in a vast space we created an “immersive experience” route for guests to follow – complete with map – leading them through five distinct zones ensuring a complete tour of the space and a showcase of all their products and services.  Each zone featured custom created art installations incorporating the walls, furniture, fabrics and office equipment to change the way guests saw these items. The first view of the space was the family boardroom where we installed a photo bomb chandelier of the family, in black and white, dramatic and poignant.


Z.5 (Five Zones)


The Furniture Library Z.1– Not only did we install a permanent fabric swatch showcase, where colourful photographs were paired with the fabrics they inspired, we also commissioned three couture gowns created from RGO furniture fabric to highlight the luxury of the brand.


The Steelcase Showroom Z.2– Walking down the hallways to Z.2 guests were encouraged to view the new boardroom spaces when two full wall post-it-note creations dedicated to the king and queen of pop culture – Elvis and Marilyn – were featured. These creations were a creative photo op and a simple reminder that RGO thinks outside of the box.  Z.2 was fashioned as a “meet and greet” with the not yet released, Gesture Chair, the latest and greatest technology from Steelcase USA.


The Health Care Spa Z.3 – Healthcare Products became very approachable as we served guests fresh juice shots and beetroot lollipops on rolling medical trays as they explored the rooms of this RGO hospital!


The Work Café Z.4– En-route to Z.4 guests were ushered through a giant archway created entirely out of RGO chairs, a perfect 4D showcase of the product.  In the cafe two custom created coffee filter & cup chandeliers transformed the cafeteria!


Sustainability & The RGO world Z.5 – RGO and their suppliers are leading their industry in sustainably, so we brought one of their office setups back to nature, covering it completely in moss and bark to reinforce how big a role the environment plays at RGO.


Entertainment included roving “big brother” cameras capturing guests as they reacted and interacted with the installations and showcasing it on a 6-panel LCD screen. A group of actors/entertainers, clad in RGO grey and red, roamed the space and interacted with, performed on and danced around the showroom ensuring maximum attention on the products!


The event was a wonderful showcase of an evolving and imaginative company and an innovative showroom that, truly, is a work of art.


At 76 years old, with over four decades in the business and still working the showroom floor everyday, RGO founder Ross Glen is a true symbol of the Canadian work ethic.  We wanted to pay tribute to Ross and surprise our client with something lasting from the event that would stay in the showroom, representing the work that Ross has done and that his staff continues to do everyday.


Another long-standing symbol of this ethic has always been the hardworking beaver, a Canadian symbol included on the five-cent coin. Working with our design team, we created a portrait of Ross out of this very coin, affixed to the head of thousands of nails giving the portrait a 3D quality. The impact was immediate and the result was exactly what we hoped for –spreading a smile across our client’s face and bringing this celebration back to its roots.


e=mc² events exceeded our expectations in regards to the planning and execution of our re-design unveiling event. Without the team’s expertise, professionalism and creative flare, the evening would not have been the great success that is was.

Donnalei Wilson – Customer Experience Lead, RGO


Calgary, Alberta