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Our national team of full time staff have over 350 years of experience in the live event industry! That’s a lot of expertise and knowledge that you get to tap into when you partner with us.
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Joann Chatterton, CMP

Associate, Conference & Meeting Production

Joann’s formula for success

“Sometimes you just have to try things. Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” – My Mum


Sporting a (stylish at the time) lop-sided bob, watching episodes of the 1980’s hit series Hotel, Joann just knew she was destined for a career in hospitality management. Abandoning the lop-sided bob in favour of symmetry and order, Joann obtained her hospitality management diploma and Certified Meeting Professional designation.


She now has over nineteen years of experience in conference, exhibition, meeting and event management. Joann is also a member of Meeting Professionals International (MPI). As Director of Conference Production her job is to bring large groups of people together to learn, network and socialize. Above all, she strives to create fulfilling experiences that people can take back to their work and personal lives.


Joann’s intense customer focus allows her to continuously meet clients’ objectives and provide leadership in the conference industry. And like Connie Selleca before her, she does it all in heels—refusing to sacrifice fashion for a pair of sensible on-site shoes. Rest assured, she brings the same style and dedication to quality to each project in her purview.

Places I’ve Worked

Canada: Vancouver, Calgary

International: Nice – France, Harrogate – UK


Cool Projects I’ve Worked On

APECTEL Paperless Conference

Carma True Blue Days


Language I Speak

English and French


Industries I’ve Worked In


Convention Centre


Things I’ve Earned & Learned

Certified Meeting Professional

Hotel Management Diploma


Started with “e”


Doing my best is critical, ‘good enough’ is not in my vocabulary.