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About This Project

Black & White Christmas

Awarded: Best Theme Décor over $100,000 by the Canadian Special Events Magazine Star Awards, 2013

Awarded: Outstanding Logistical Achievement by the Canadian Special Events Magazine Star Awards, 2013


Origami inspired festive tree





Black & White Christmas in the City was a corporate holiday dinner reception for 2,600 guests.   The goal was to produce a festive urban reception that allowed for the companies broad range of guests to eat plenty of food and find comfort zones to rest and play within.  



Our client loved the idea of a NYC themed event!  We strategized with them to determine what part of the city they loved and why? Using our best emerging trends tools and creative direction we created an event design inspired by the city, infused with geometrics and a touch of origami!

The city was represented in the physical design and we used the districts of NYC to create experiential pockets for guests. Each district offered a unique design focused on food and beverage offerings and a variety of seating, lounge and mingling areas.  Through the use of different heights and large scale decor and lighting elements we were able to replicate areas under bridges, on roof tops and water side neighbourhoods.


A custom city scape backdrop was anchored by a paper inspired hard set and across the way a subway station multimedia wall provided the evenings content when each schedule “train” arrived to the station.

We chose to design without colour and create a black and white event where guests dressed for the theme. The black and white design was punctuated with high contrast geometric patterns and spectacular precision lighting design.

The feature of the entire room was the massive cut out tree which housed entertainers and was gloriously lit for the attention grabbing introduction of the CEO’s end of year speech. The event changed from a colourless magical cocktail reception into a colour-FULL roof-top after party! 


This one was Whizbang intense!  So many great details and WOW moments it was hard for us to choose.  

The lighting design was the clincher.   White lighting to full colour!


Calgary, AB