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About This Project

Distinctive Collection

Total Décor Budget Under $20,000 USD, Special Events Magazine International Gala Awards 2009




Luxury Brands


Aston Martin Chandeliers

Distinctive Collection’s top clients were invited to an exclusive grand opening and product showcase of the luxury car dealership.


The objective of the event was to officially open the new dealership and  showcase the available car brands which included Bentley, Aston Martin and Spyker. The grand opening dinner was an opportunity to see the new showrooms and experience the cars firsthand. 

The evening included three dining rooms, one in each of the featured vehicles showroom, each specifically designed and tailored to the vehicle brand and it’s demographic. Guests enjoyed a first class 3-course progressive meal, one course in each showroom, and moved seamlessly from brand to brand.


A dessert reception in the car service garage bay featured BMW tire cocktail tables, desserts served from the trunks of the cars and Aston Martin chandeliers on lifts in the space. The décor and ambiance created a lavish evening that symbolized the elegance and luxury of Distinctive Collection.

The Spyker Showroom – With Spyker’s history in racing and aviation, the showroom was decorated to reflect the state of the art design of the automobile. Spyker brand is tenacious, uncompromising and unique; our creative team designed the room with an aviation theme to reflect those ideals. The wheel inspired dining table featured video projected Spyker content for guests to consume as they dined.  The guests were offered hot towel service from flight attendant carts as the Spyker in attendance was showcased on a authentic airplane ramp. 

Vancouver, British Columbia