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About This Project

PCMA – House Party 2016


Floating Virtual Lantern Projections


Interactive Food Stations


House Guests

Whizbang Moment

We were responsible for creating an event to bring together the attendees of PCMA 2016 in Vancouver.   The client’s goal was to encourage networking and creatively showcase the sponsors behind PCMA Convening Leaders 2016 while having a great time! We created a house party like no other. 

Welcome to the biggest house party in Canada!


The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) hosted the largest Canadian house party ever when they invited 3,000 guests to let their hair down and enjoy PCMA’s very own “home”.  Guests walked in via a driveway, complete with welcome mats, trees, and a retro pick-up truck.


The first portion of the event was the patio party. A custom cedar truss cover stood overtop of a super bar and bicycle powered margarita makers sat beside real working BBQs. Between the patio party and the inside of the house, large staggered sheer drape was hung, acting as a room divide. Virtual patio lanterns were projected on the drape, slightly swaying in the breeze.


Sponsor activations within the house made up the various rooms – the bedroom, the games room, the living room, and a huge kitchen in the centre of it all. The bands on the main stage were orchestrated in a “battle of the bands” style. At the end of the evening, hired actors dressed as cops came to “shut the house party down” from the stage. The bands and crowd were able to convince the “officers” to allow the bands to play one last song, Uptown Funk, which the entertainers and guests performed as one family unit.

For this project we believe the thing that most resonated with our client was how we successfully featured the sponsors in unique activations and locations within the venue. A huge value, not just a logo, but a branded, custom experience for each sponsor.


It was critical for us to find an event producer that could truly partner with us to execute on our key objectives for hosting this important industry event. From the initial brainstorming, through the event designing process and ultimately the on-site management, the team at e=mc² events was creative, organized and very professional.
Their collaborative approach fostered an environment where we were able to harness and capitalize on the collective expertise of our committee members. In the end, the event exceeded our expectations, those of our strategic partners and, most importantly, our guests.

Jennifer Rafuse and Chris Gowe – Committee Co-Chairs, Closing Reception


Vancouver Convention Centre East