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About This Project


Special Events 2018 Gala Award for Best Event Produced for a Private Individual (Budget Under $1000/guest)


Birthday Boys


Portions of grilled Fluffernutter


Million Dollars Raised

SoulMen60 was a 60th birthday celebration for 13 prominent business and philanthropic leaders and 1,800 of their closest friends and family. Fully paid for and hosted by the birthday boys, this exclusive event invited guests to attend with a ticket price of a meaningful donation, which led to raising $2 million toward ending homelessness in Calgary.

Ten years after their highly successful 50’s themed 50th Birthday party, the boys got together again to celebrate and raise funds for a local charity. The 60th birthday was designed around all the headliners at the event, the 13 birthday boys themselves and the Blues Brothers!


The venue, a traditional theatre, was changed just weeks before the event and our team set to designing a concert venue out of a rodeo arena! A reception space featuring a modern 60’s design showcased the birthday boys in a massive centerpiece and step and repeat wall. Food stations included Wonderbread and fried Spam, TV Dinners, The Blue Plate Special and grilled Fluffernutter. Creatively designed to incorporate the Blues Brothers visual identity the space was punctuated with 60’s cars and memorabilia while being hugged by industrial textures.


The reveal into the concert space had costumed guests ramping up into the rodeo arena covered with flooring and punctuated by a mobile concert stage. Seating on the floor and in the bowl allowed guests to watch the show and bust out into dance! A Spoken Word Artist performed “The Making of a Soul Man”. This custom piece was very poignant and included nostalgia from the past 60 years, along with character traits of each of the birthday boys all audio was accompanied with custom screen content


With a mix of video, voice over, lighting effects and haze, each of the Soul Men was introduced with impact. As they all walked to the front of the stage as a united front, a vocalist sang “Soul Men” – with adapted lyrics of the Blues Brothers “Soul Man”. Entertainment through the evening included energetic performances by Brett Kissel and the Blues Brothers.

Raising $2 million dollars to end homelessness in Calgary was hugely impactful for the guests and our team


The Blues Brothers were amazing and channeled the energy of the crowd! Jim Belushi had such a good time and loved our production so much that he requested video from the event, stating he had never asked a producer before in over 23 years!

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