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About This Project

TIFF Tribute Gala

2019 Canadian Event Award for Best Event for a High Profile Charity

2019 ILEA Esprit award for Best Event for a Non-Profit Organization


Dollars Raised


Feet of linear projection


Youth Dancers

We faced an interesting challenge of three different objectives that needed to be met: 1. honour the retirement of former Executive Director Pierce Handling; 2. celebrate and empower women; 3. raise funds for TIFF’s Share Her Journey campaign. Ready for the task, we built a program and show flow that accomplished all three. So impressed, when Handling eventually took the stage, he ripped up his original retirement remarks and instead honoured the women who had been so important in his life, especially his mother.

Nearly 600 people attended dinner at the Royal York, with a few hundred more joining them for later an after-party celebration. Guests were welcomed onto the TIFF red carpet, before entering the Royal York where they were greeted by a female DJ and served cocktails and canapes. The perimeter of the ballroom was completely draped, covering the about-to-be-revealed technology. As the night unfolded, the drapes were dropped, lighting up a series of projection screens that provided the canvas for the evening – showcasing women in film, both behind and in front of the camera. This was truly a female empowerment moment, driven by an all-female orchestra. The after party was developed with a movie concession theme, featuring a massive candy station, popcorn, and a movie video dance party. The band Dwayne Gretzky performed music from film, with footage playing from the movie in question on an LED screen behind the band.

The true Whizbang moment was the crazy collaboration that was undertaken to build the event, especially in terms of assembling the all-female orchestra. Thirteen women were brought together, ranging from with Broadway singers to a hip hop group.


It was truly a coming together of talented women with varied backgrounds and provided an international flavour to already unique event.

Corporate, Non Profit