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About This Project

TransAlta 100th Anniversary 

Best Event Staged in Multiple Locations, 2012 - Special Events Magazine Gala Awards (International)




KM Travelled



For Transalta’s 100th Anniversary we designed and produced multiple events staged in multiple locations across Canada and the United States.  

All the events were created with consistent messaging and design to ensure each employee felt important and celebrated, one very important person that had an impact on the success of the company.

100 Years. One Celebration.

6 large events, 5 different cities and 8 short weeks! From March 12 to May 6, over 5,500 employees, retirees, and stakeholders gathered together to celebrate the past 100 years, the present and very bright future of TransAlta.

TransAlta Corporation is Canada’s largest publicly traded generator marketer of electricity and renewable power with offices not only in Canada but internationally as well.

Collaborations with our client resulted in a creative strategy developed with the common goal of bringing everyone together, current employee or retired; stakeholder or spouse, and the celebration of each individual person.

We selected the word ONE and created branding through a custom graphic that inspired the overall event design and theme.  The ONE theme proved to be nostalgic, joyful, and full of optimism and pride.

The events began in Toronto and moved forward through Sarnia, Centralia, Washington, into Edmonton and Cochrane and finished in Calgary, Alberta, where a special night for both the employees and stakeholders included performances by The Canadian Tenors and Sarah McLachlan.

Each location was unique and customized for it’s specific demographic and although the events look identical the changes in layout, menu and entertainment varied. While some groups wanted rock bands, others preferred country musicians and illusionists. Menus were determined by territory and season, highlighting the best of local fare.

Not every whizbang moment is splashy and this one was cleverly hidden.   To aid in cost savings and transportation across the country and into the U.S. our design team created lightweight, modular and light attracting decor elements that traveled with the crew.   The circle was inspired by the “O” in ONE and provided endless possibilities in each venue while keeping the vision cohesive.

Look at the photos, can’t tell the warehouse from the floating venue…we designed it like that:)


Across North America