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True Patriot Love – Operation Western Front


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In 2011, we produced Operation: Western Front, an innovative fundraising gala that successfully raised over $1.5 million net for Canadian military families. This event helped to spread awareness of military families, and reached a national audience.

On March 2, 2011, philanthropists Warren M. Spitz and W. Brett Wilson, co-chaired a military fundraiser in Vancouver and e=mc² events was honoured to partner with them in supporting such an important cause. The Vancouver Convention Centre played host to more than 900 guests in support of the Canadian military and their families. Dignitaries such as the Minister of Defense Peter MacKay, Canada’s Chief of Defense Staff General Walter Natynczyk, BC Premier Gordon Campbell, and Mrs. Laureen Harper were in attendance, along with a number of athletes and other celebrities including a special guest appearance by KISS band member Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed.


OWF completely immersed guests in military culture from start to finish. The Vancouver Convention Centre was converted in to a Forward Operating Base, complete with combat zones, light armoured vehicles, military ambulances, mess halls, and camouflage. Guests were also strongly encouraged to wear military attire to create the experience of a true military base.


A gourmet buffet dinner was served on metal mess trays by Canada’s Chief of Defence Staff, along with many other dignitaries, under four mess hall tents. During the course of the evening, the guests were moved by the emotional accounts of military families and enjoyed music by nationally renowned musicians performing songs that were written specifically for the military.

The helicopter call to dinner – on cue a military helicopter hovered outside the convention centre’s glass wall with its spotlight sweeping into the venue over shocked reception guests. Awe inspiring helicopter blade sound effects and a pilot voiceover ordered the guests “to take their strategic positions” in the mess hall. Now that was an attention getter!

Operation: Western Front


e=mc² events has exceeded my expectations with every memorable event through our long and rewarding relationship. Attention to detail and close client collaboration is a given throughout the creative process and through execution. The team works with short timelines and succeeds in bringing complicated visions to fruition.

W. Brett Wilson, Chairman, Prairie Merchant Corporation


Vancouver, British Columbia

Non Profit