e=mc2 events | Virgin Atlantic – Inaugural Flight Reception
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About This Project

Virgin Atlantic Airlines – Inaugural Flight Reception


Union Jack Umbrella Chandelier


And Only Sir Richard Branson


Hanging Champagne Pourers

Virgin Atlantic Airways (VAA), Sir Richard Branson’s billion-dollar brand, wowed guests with performances, celebrities and all things Virgin Atlantic during the Inaugural Flight Celebration May 2012 at Vancouver’s celebrated Commodore Ballroom.


Wrapping up a week of media appearances for Mr. Branson and the entire VAA crew, the Inaugural Flight Celebration was held to thank all partners from the week, celebrate the launch and most importantly – leave with a bang!

The launch of the inaugural non-stop flight to London on Virgin Atlantic Airways wowed guests with clever experiential activities, performances, and celebrity appearances – all things Virgin Atlantic. In preparation for takeoff custom elements, designed to reflect both London and Vancouver, were brought together throughout the venue, bringing it up to VAA class. 


The festivities took place at Vancouver’s celebrated Commodore Ballroom. The venue was decked out in classic British imagery, including a custom designed chandelier of Union Jack umbrellas, as well as decor such as takeaway “rockstar” accessories, “Keep Calm and Carry On” pillows and Union Jack carpets. 


Guests “got on board” and enjoyed complementary butt sketches and custom flipbooks branded with Virgin’s Union Jack flag. Guests needing a rest were encouraged to experience the luxury Premium Class airline seats featured in the VIP lounge area. When thirsty, guests has the option of ordering from the very well stocked center bar, manned by bowler-hatted bartenders, or having champagne served by upside-down aerial performers dressed as Virgin’s famous pin-up girl. Fresh sushi was displayed on carved ice blocks while mini Shepherd’s Pie and Mac n’ Cheese circulated through the room. Late night snacks of Japa Dogs capped off the evening.


Throughout the night guests moved and grooved about the “cabin” with world-class entertainment Connor Maynard and Sway. Guests were on their feet to dance the night away with Sir Richard Branson. A smooth landing was accomplished with great food, famous faces, and outstanding appeal. This was a party to be at and boast about. It’s all about “flying in the face of the ordinary….” 

The sound of a jet engine cued Richard’s introduction to the stage as the crew announced for guests to “ensure your seatbelt is unbuckled and that you’re out of your seat at all times” and “to get the party started.” Richard, flanked by his beautiful Virgin Atlantic flight attendants, officially welcomed guests and encouraged them to experience Virgin Atlantic first-hand. It was a long, enjoyable flight until the wee hours of the morning! 


For this experience to take place, we engaged e=mc² events to design and produce our evening in collaboration with the internal Virgin Atlantic events team. Without ”e”'s expertise, professionalism and creative flair we would not have achieved the success we did and experience one of our favorite events to date. We thank the ”e” team and look forward to collaborating again in the upcoming future.

Laura Kilroy – Event Specialist, Virgin Atlantic Airways


Vancouver, British Columbia