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Our national team of full time staff have over 350 years of experience in the live event industry! That’s a lot of expertise and knowledge that you get to tap into when you partner with us.
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Keri Miller, CSEP

Partner & Chief Creative Strategist

Canadian Event Professional of the Year, 2014

Keri’s formula for success

“Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger” – Tony Hsieh


Keri spent her “freedom years” traveling the world with an over-stuffed backpack and an under-planned itinerary. Return tickets? Pfft. Maps? Pshaw. A schedule? Don’t even. Perhaps it’s not surprising that when Keri finally found her way home (via the four-and-a-half year, 18-country scenic route, natch) she pursued a career where unexpected experiences are not the obstacle to success—but the goal.


Keri graduated from Mount Royal University with a Certificate in Event Management, and fell in love with events while working with e=mc² events as a student. She worked her way from Contractor to Event Producer to Creative Director to Chief Creative Strategist, eventually becoming a partner.  And not the silent kind either—she admits to going slightly “Monica” at her own events.


As Creative Strategist, Keri’s expertise lies in her ability to dig deep into you, your brand, your culture and your objectives to deliver your message and vision with whizbang! Her keen ability to inspire guests through human interaction combined with an intuitive sense of future trends and technologies has helped her and the team produce multiple award-winning events (43 to be exact).  Her involvement with the International Live Events Association (ILEA) – both locally and Internationally, and participating and speaking at international conferences provide continuous inspiration as well as a great excuse to dust off the trusty backpack.


Day to day, Keri stimulates ideas with the team, cultivates “e”s enviable culture and lives for the “whizbang”—that explosive moment where she – and her clients – know they’ve really nailed it.

Places I’ve Worked



New Zealand



Cool Projects I’ve Worked On

“e”Unites – our team retreat and AGM each year

The inaugural TIFF Gala, cool client, cool event, cool team

They are all awesome in their own way!


Languages I Speak



Industries I’ve Worked In



Things I’ve Learned & Earned

Certificate of Event Management, Mount Royal University

Certified Special Event Professional

Advanced Scuba Diving Certificate

My teenagers say I’m an awesome mom – I’ve earned that!


Started with “e”



I like to launch fun and be the last one to leave; watch the rocket land and fizzle, if you will.”