e=mc2 events | The "e" Team
Our national team of over 30 full-time staff has over 393 years of experience in the live event industry! That’s a lot of expertise and knowledge that you get to tap into when you partner with us.
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The “e” team. 


Whew, trying to contain the energy of our people in these little bio boxes is hard! Welcome to the page about our people.


Our national team of full-time staff has over 393 years of experience in the live event industry! That’s a lot of expertise and knowledge that you get to tap into when you partner with us. Not only that, while we all reside in a great Canadian city, we build teams from across the country to fit your organization. We are all available to work anywhere you like, with you, with each other…wherever the wind or space station takes us!


At “e” we don’t just select our people based on professional skills,  we select the right talent with the right personality to fit our culture (and yours). Most importantly we choose people who live and breathe the “e” way;  with innovation and passion combined with integrity and a professional and fun spirit that can’t be defined.


The “e” way is hard to describe, but you’ll know it when you feel it.


We also hug people.

  • Jennifer Dolnik

    Director, Business Development

  • Tony Talarico

    Director of Production

  • Event Producer

  • Joann Chatterton, CMP

    Associate, Conference & Meeting Production

  • Niklaas Dethmers

    Event Manager

  • Christine Bersabe

    Event & Administration Coordinator

  • Darla Friedt

    Director, Business Development

  • Sue Holt

    Conference Manager

  • Christian Devillers, CSEP

    Associate, Event Production

  • Afton Koutzun

    Event Manager

  • Dwayne Maurer

    Event Producer & Team Lead

  • Katrina Megenity

    Accounting Clerk

  • Jamie Ames

    Conference Coordinator

  • Charmaine Cyril

    Office Administrator

  • Trevor Howes, CSEP

    Event Producer

  • Marissa Schenn

    Director, Business Development

  • Audrey Stephenson

    Event Manager

  • Sarah Downing

    Event Producer & Team Lead

  • Janice Matthews

    Director, Business Development